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“It isn’t how much time you spend somewhere that makes it memorable: it’s how you spend the time.”

— David Brenner

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Vermilion is one of the best multi-species trophy lakes in the state of Minnesota.

Al Lindner, Hall of Fame Angler / Host of “Lindner’s Angling Edge” TV

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There's something magical about wintertime on Lake Vermilion - Cold Nights, Warm Fires, Crisp Clear Skies, Hot Chocolate… Lake Vermilion is the perfect place to experience winter fun.

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Life is

Life is better, the food tastes better, when you are with friends enjoying laughs at a Lake Vermilion Campfire.

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We'd love to have you here!

A wilderness experience with all the comforts of a Minnesota resort vacation

A Lake Vermilion vacation means

  • some of Minnesota’s best fishing
  • unique attractions
  • family vacation fun

It also means romance, championship golf, non-stop casino gaming, and a great place to getaway and relax.

Discover why Lake Vermilion has been a favorite destination for fishermen and family vacations for more than 100 years!

Lake Vermilion is a highly rated Midwest vacation destination.


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Compliments from Penguin Snowmobile Club

3/19/23 Penguin Trail Report: Well lookie here. Another 4" to 7" of fresh snow - Tuesday into Wednesday. My gosh. If you are not yet sick of riding or have missed the last few snow opportunities, you get yet another chance. This might even get us in pretty good shape until trails close March 31. We will be out there - hope to see you all too.

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winter Fishing Report

Jake Hyppa Guide - Lake Vermilion Fishing Report- Week of March 20, 2023 The past several weeks has given Lake Vermilion the opportunity to shine as one of the Midwest’s most popular multispecies fisheries. As walleye and northern pike seasons are closed, attention has shifted to the many other species that this fishery can offer including jumbo perch, bluegill, and crappie. Current ice conditions remain great with 20” plus of ice being present with localized areas having more or less. Conditions for travel on the lake via snowmobile remain good with around 8” to 12” of snow atop the ice. The staked snowmobile trail still runs continuously from the east to west ends of Lake Vermilion which provides guidance for those unfamiliar to the area and connects the area's local snowmobile trails. As the spring ice fishing season begins, anglers must express caution in channels and areas next to shore as water begins flowing under the ice. Crappie The crappie fishing saw a tougher past week, the crappies that were caught were found in two primary types of locations both shallow and deep water. Crappies were caught in the 25-35’ of water range with most fish being caught suspended around the 18’ mark. There was a large amount of both whitefish and tullibee caught in expected crappie locations. These fish can be caught on the same tackle used for crappies and provide a great fight. Anglers may even mistake these fish for crappies at first since they often appear in the same area of the water column as crappies. Larger schools of crappies should begin to slide up onto the gradual edges of deep basins in the 20-25’ range as the spring progresses. The most success for crappies was found in less than 10’ of water over mud bottoms where previous weed growth occurred during the summer months. Jig for these crappies 2’ to 3’ off the bottom. Fishing during the low light periods of dawn and dusk in this shallow water yielded the most success with rechargeable 1/16 ounce glow jigs tipped with 2 to 3 wax worms. When fishing the deep basins use 1/16 oz. spoons tipped with 2-3 wax worms as it gives an extra flash to help pull in fish from a distance. Using 1/16th ounce jigging raps or slab raps has also yielded success. If you happen to get on a school of crappies, slow down your presentation by using a 1/16 oz. tungsten jig tipped with a rubber tail or wax worm. Having a second hole with a bobber and crappie minnow is also producing. Remembering where you have caught crappies during the springtime open water spawn and begin to search in this area will give anglers the most success. Bluegill Again, not much change in the bluegill bite the past few weeks. Bluegills are still being found in locations where typical weed growth occurs in the summer months in 8’ to 11’ of water. Some nicer sized bluegills have been found roaming in 12’ to 15’ of water of on the deeper drop of these old weed beds and several were even caught in 20’ plus of water. These areas are now mostly absent of weeds and are just a shallow mud flat with minimal weed growth on the bottom. The daytime bluegill bite has only been producing small bluegills while quality size fish are being found mixed in with crappies during the dawn and dusk hours. Using a 1/16 oz. tungsten tipped with several wax worms has been most productive. Try upsizing your bait one size larger to help keep the smaller perch or bluegills off the hook. Perch The jumbo perch bite has been phenomenal the past several weeks. Most perch being caught are in the 9”-13” range which provide both great action and are fantastic to eat. These perch are found in 16’ to 22’ of water over the mud to rock transition zones during the dawn and dusk hours. Perch are also found roaming in deeper mud basins, 25’ plus during the daylight hours. Most of these perch are targeting larvae this time of year. Start searching near the mud to rock transition zone on the edge of deeper mud basins where they begin to come up into shallower water. Tip ups with a live chub or rainbow on a number two red hook or deadstick yielded high amounts of success for perch this past week. Drilling a line of holes extending from 15’ of water down a drop into 25’ of water and putting a line every 5’ or so of depth change is a great way to cover ground (assuming you have enough anglers). As always using a 1/8 oz. or ¼ oz. spoon tipped with several wax worms or a minnow head has been producing, but perch are also being caught on 1/16th ounce jigging raps. Several perch have also been caught on the deeper edge of old summertime weed beds in 12’ to 15’ of water range on buckshot spoons tipped with several waxies. These perch were a bit on the smaller size in the 8” to 11” range. Walleye The walleye season is currently closed and will reopen on May 13th. Northern Pike The northern pike season is currently closed and will reopen on May 13th. MN DNR Need-to-Knows Please refer to MN DNR safe ice recommendations for walking and driving. Spring means runoff and water flowing under the ice leading to areas that were previously safe having dangerously thin ice or open water. Please note Lake Vermilion’s walleye and northern pike season is currently closed to fishing. Panfish season will run continuously through the remainder of winter and into the spring. Lake trout season is currently open on adjacent Trout Lake until March 31st. Permanent ice houses must be off the ice by March 20th. Please refer to the MN DNR Fishing Regulations for a full set of rules and regulations for Lake Vermilion and the surrounding area.

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"Lake of The Sunset Glow"

Well known as one of the most scenic lakes in the United States, Lake Vermilion:

  • is located in Minnesota’s famed Arrowhead Region
  • stretches 37 miles across northeastern Minnesota
  • encompasses over 40,000 acres
  • is one of the largest lakes in Minnesota
  • is navigable in almost any weather thanks to the 365 islands and hundreds of protected bays